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The Graphic


Map of South-Eastern Asia




lithograph printed in colour


37.8 x 56 cm


Map of South-Eastern Asia and Northern Australia showing the districts in Annam and Tonquin which France proposes to annex and to place under a proectorate, the portion of New Guinea proposed to be acquired by Queensland, and the districts affected by the volcanic eruptions  in Java. Inset with an Enlarged map of  Tonquin, Annam & Cochin China, showing the districts which France proposes to annex and place under a protectorate.


Krakatoa volcano, off the west coast of Java in the Straits of Sunda, erupted August 1883. It was one of the most deadly eruptions in modern history.


Shaded in colours to show British, French, Dutch, Potuguese and Spanish colonial possessions. Along with proposed French Protectorate.  Also recently established telegraph lines and China submarine cables are shown.


Also an inset map of Tonquin, Annam & Cochin China.


The map was printed by Letts Son & Co. Limited, London. It was published as a supplement to The Graphic September 22nd 1883


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