Artist / Author / Cartographer:

Berghaus, Heinrich


Assam & Bhutan - Karte von Assam und seinen Nachbar Landern




copper engraving, original colour


61 x 93 cm


Karte von Assam und seinen Nachbar Landern Gest . v. W. Brose u W Iaeck in Berlin. 1834.


Fine large format map of Assam and neighboring regions, printed in November 1834, Sheet no.9, published in Berghaus' rare Atlas von Asia. Particularly interesting are the  early details on Bhutan, Firstly lower left are "Ansichten von Bhotan Gegenden" Seven unusual engraved views of Bhutan from the early 19th century. Another detail is 'Supplement Zho Bhotan'.


Includes parts of Myanmar, Bhutan, Arunachal, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland and Tibet, extending the western part of Yunan Province in China and Tibet.

The map is perhaps the largest format atlas map of the 19th Century to focus on this region, doing so in the meticulous style of Berghaus and Justus Perthes, the publisher.

The map provides both geographical and topographical details, several profile maps illustrating the heights of mountain ranges.


A scarce map. According to a source only 515 charts were printed*.



*Lietz, Rudolf J.H.  Insulae Indiae Orientalis 2018, Chapter 5 The Berghaus maps ... page 66.


Item Code:

MA 7986