New Acquisitions

Vieux Temple et Fort Chinois, Ile de Namo

Borget, Auguste / 1842

Temple, Pagode et Village sur les Canaux et L'Interieur...

Borget, Auguste / 1842

Three pencil studies of Macau

Chinnery, George / c.1840

Macao, A young Chinese woman carrying a baby on her...

Borget, Auguste / 1838

A study of players, Macao

Chinnery, George / 1838

A study of men carrying bamboo poles

Chinnery, George / 1838

Canton, the Compound before the Foreign Factories...

Borget, Auguste / c.1838

A study of a blacksmiths' forge

Chinnery, George / c1838

A study of two figures by a sampan

Chinnery, George / 1837