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Artist / Author / Cartographer:

Duncan, Edward


The H.C. Ship Bridgewater Capt.n J.R. Manderson in a Hurricane






42.6 x 58.4 cm


The H.C. Ship Bridgewater Captn. J.R. Manderson in a Hurricane in Latt 20. South Longitude 90. East. March 1830.

Engraved by E. Duncan. Painted by W.J. Huggins Marine Painter to his Majesty 105 Leadenhall St. and Published by him 1832.

An East India Company ship tossed about in a major storm losing all its masts. The ship was condemned in Calcutta, after a heavy gale was experienced at Bengal on 25th May 1830.


Painted by W.J. Huggins, Marine Painter to His Majesty, 105, Leadenhall Street and Published by him Jan 1 1832. Engraved by E. Duncan. On her homeward bound voyage from China to England on the 7th March 1830 in Latt. 20� South and Longitude 90�East after having encountered a hurricane of unexampled violance and duration when four shrouds of the main rigging having been carried away the main mast went about 20 feet above the deck leaving nothing standing but the fore mast and bowsprit badly sprung, in 2 hours the gale abated and on the 10th April the ship reached Madras Roads under Jury Masts.


William John Huggins (1781 - 1845) spent time at sea as a sailor with the East India Company on voyages to the Far East. In 1834 he was appointed marine artist to William IV and painted both battle scenes and ships portraits. Many of his paintings were engraved by his son-in-law, Edward Duncan who also worked on paintings with him.


Some wrinkling of paper.


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