Hong Kong - Ma Liu Shui Railway Station near Shatin...

Unknown Photographer / c.1956

Yangtse River - Chinese Boats

Jorgensen, S.P. / c.1932

Panorama of Hong Kong from Western Mid-Levels

The Graeco-Egyptian Tobacco Store, Hong Kong / c.1915

On The Praya

Collison-Morley, Lieut-Colonel Harold Duke / 1909

An English Galleon

Unknown Artist / (c.1600) 1906

Egypt - Agypten...Abu Simbel

H. Ullrich / L. Angerer / 1906

Central View of Hong Kong

Sternberg, M. / c.1906

View of the City and Harbour of Hong Kong

Sternberg, M. / c.1906

Panorama of Hong Kong

Mee Cheung / c.1905