Canton and its approaches, Macao and Hong Kong

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge / c1857

Pagode aux environs de Macao

Lauvergne, Barthelemy / 1852


Graham, C. / c1848

The Pria Grande, Macao

Allom, Thomas / 1843

Macau - Macao, from the Forts of Heang -shan

Allom, Thomas / c1843

Macau - The Grotto of Camoens, Macao

Allom, Thomas / c1843

A view of boat dwellings at the Inner Harbour of Macao...

Borget, Auguste / 1842

Arc de Triomphe sur les Canaux de Macao a Canton

Borget, Auguste / 1842

Maison de Mandarin sur les canaux de Macao a Canton...

Borget, Auguste / 1842